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``I Gave 10 Million Won to Rep. Park Byung-Yoon``

Posted September. 29, 2001 08:36,   


G&G chairperson Lee Yong-Ho said yesterday that he recently gave 10 million won to Rep. Park Byung-Yoon of the Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) through the finance team chief of the company.

When Rep. Uhm Ho-Sung of the Grand National Party (GNP) asked if he gave money to a current Assemblyperson who visited Lee`s company two months ago, Lee, who attended the Assembly` audit on the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) as a witness, denied at first, but then, admitted that he did.

Lee answered a question, which asked the identity of the Assemblyperson, saying that ``he [Assemblyperson] was a school senior in Kwangju, but I don`t remember well.`` Lee also avoided answering the nature of money.

However, as Rep. Park Byung-Suk of the GNP repeatedly asked, the finance team chief of Lee`s company said that ``it was Rep. Park Byung-Yoon.`` and Lee also said that ``now I remember.``

In responding to this, Rep. Park Byung-Yoon`s circle said, ``Although it is true that he received money, it was a legal support, and we have a receipt.``

Rep. Yoon Kyung-Sik of the GNP at the Assembly`s audit on Ministry of Justice said that ``among prosecutors, rumor has it that when the former Minister of Justice Mr. K became a minister through the recommendation of Mr. Chung, who is suspected as the influential person behind the `Lee Yong-Ho scandal`, Mr. K visited high-ranking officials of the ruling party by riding on Chung`s car.``

Rep. Cho Soon-Hyung of the MDP said, ``Minister of Justice should lead the investigation of the Lee Yong-Ho scandal by himself, and the Prosecutor General Shin Seung-Nam should be investigated by the Special Investigation Unit.`` Rep. Kim Hak-Won of the United Liberal Democrats asked whether Minister of Justice was considering proposing the resignation of the Prosecutor General Shin.

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