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Lee Yong-Ho Met with Businessman of Treasure Ship

Posted September. 28, 2001 08:57,   


Lee Hyeong-Taek, a nephew of President Kim`s wife and the managing director of the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation, was revealed as having introduced Lee Yong-Ho, the president of G&G who is on the arrest for the charge of financial corruption and illegal lobbies, to Mr. Oh, who had worked for the recovery of the wrecked treasure ship.

Managing director Lee has met with Lee Yong-Ho at least once more. He said, ``I have met president Lee once more after I had met him at first in July last year.``

He answered such to the questions of Reps. Ahn Taek-Soo and Sohn Hak-Kyu concerning his relationship with Lee Yong-Ho.

However, He accepted his contacts with Mr. Lee Yong-Ho, saying that ``Hur Ok-Seok, who was a clerk when I was a branch head of Donghwa Bank, introduced me Lee Yong-Ho in July last year, saying `I know a man of great wealth` I have met him once more since then.``

He also added that ``Mr. Oh requested for financial aid when he was run out of money after a year and half recovery operation. So, I introduced him to Lee Yong-Ho.``

However, managing director Lee explained, ``I have never taken any bribe for introducing Mr. Oh to Lee Yong-Ho, neither lobbied for his rescue to the government or political circle.``

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