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Afghanistan Clerics Ask bin Laden ``To Leave the Country``

Afghanistan Clerics Ask bin Laden ``To Leave the Country``

Posted September. 21, 2001 08:46,   


While the U.S. ordered fighter jets, bombers and 100 planes to move to the Persian Gulf to fight against terror, Islamic clerics in Afghanistan have asked Osama bin Laden to leave the country.

Quoting a Taliban official, AFP reported that Islamic clerics, who have been meeting for two days in Kabul, Afghanistan, adopted a resolution that asks accused terrorist bin Laden to leave the country voluntarily.

AFP reported that the Afghanistan religious leaders also adopted a resolution that they would declare holy war if the U.S. attacks.

CNN reported yesterday that F-16 fighter jets, B-1, AWACS, refueling tanker planes, and spy planes would be deployed under the name of `Operation Infinite Justice`.

Paul Wolpowiz deputy minister of the National Defense said on Wednesday that ``the U.S. military activities have begun in order to retaliate terror, and armed forces will be deployed more.``

A high-ranking U.S. military official said that it was highly possible that those aircrafts would be deployed to the U.S. bases in Kuwait and Turkey.

While the U.S. has started reconnaissance flights on the sky over New York and Washington D.C. on Wednesday against the possible additional terrorist attacks, it has established air defense network in major cities and has ordered the 30 air bases to stand by for the emergency dispatch. It is the first time that the U.S. has enforced the reconnaissance flights, along with the establishment of air defense network against terror, except during the World War II.

The U.S. President George W. Bush is to address on the terrorist attacks and the U.S. military action at the Congress on Thursday evening.

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