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``There Are Connections with Gang Organizations within Prosecutors` Office``

``There Are Connections with Gang Organizations within Prosecutors` Office``

Posted September. 21, 2001 08:45,   


Lee Jae-Oh, the Grand National Party (GNP) floor leader, claimed that ``as there has been an information that 4-5 high-ranking prosecutors including 1-2 head prosecutors have played the role of godfather or have concealed the cases in collusion with gang organizations or crooked traders, we are in the process of confirming it.``

Lee requested for the press conference and said that ``there are other connections besides the already unveiled connections. The judicial circles know that a former head prosecutor, who has opened a law firm, accepted an appointment to investigate not only G&G chairperson Lee Yong-Ho`s case but also other big corruption cases in collusion with a particular person within the prosecutors` office. The judicial circles als0 know who the core person is in collusion.``

Lee also said that ``according to the information, 10-15 politicians are mentioned in relation to the Lee Yong-Ho`s case. However, it lacks reliability compared with the prosecutors` involvement in the case. Those politicians all belong to the ruling party and are related to the fund operated by Lee Yong-Ho.``

Floor leader Lee said, ``We already knew about the case of Prosecutor General Shin Seung-Nam`s brother through the information. However, according to the information, the amount, which Shin Seung-Nam`s brother received from Lee, was close to 100 million won that is different from what was revealed by Shin Seung-Nam. Moreover, Lee Yong-Ho did not scout Shin Seung-Nam`a brother, but Shin requested.``

Meanwhile, Kwon Chul-Hyn, the GNP spokesperson, said in relation to the scandal of Shin`s brother, ``Shin`s immediate resignation from his post is his duty to people.``

In his comment, Kwon said that ``a public person should take responsibility not only for his/her problem but also for the problems of surrounding people. The government and ruling party should comply with the introduction of special prosecutors system suggested by the opposition party for the sake of nation`s dignity.``

Byon Woong-Jun, the United Liberal Democrats spokesperson, also said in his comment that ``it is right for Prosecutor General Shin to voluntarily resign since his brother is involved in this case.``

However, a high-ranking official of Cheong Wa Dae opposed to the idea saying that ``if his brother asked for a special favor to Prosecutor General Shin, Shin should take responsibility. However, it is unfair to ask Shin for his responsibility as he is not involved in this case.``

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