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Afghanistan Government Urges for Holy War

Posted September. 17, 2001 08:15,   


While urging for the `Jihad` (holy war) against the U.S. attacks, the Taliban regime warned neighboring nations including Pakistan that it would launch a full-scale attack if they support the U.S. retaliation.

AP reported from Afghanistan yesterday that residents of the Capitol City in Afghanistan were moving to flee. Mullah Mohammad Omar, leader of the Taliban regime, urged the Afghans to prepare for holy war to keep the religion and pride through the radio broadcast on Saturday night. The Taliban requested the Afghans to defend Afghanistan from the war against the U.S., and directed all the foreigners to leave the country.

AFP reported that the Taliban warned Pakistan that if Pakistan supports the U.S. retaliation, it would launch a full-scale attack against Pakistan.

New York Times reported that although Pakistan expressed that it would fully support the U.S. retaliation, Pakistan was not in a situation to stand against the Taliban regime, hence, was not presenting concrete promises of the support for the military action against the Taliban. Related sources reported that Pakistan froze bank accounts of 300 leaders of Afghanistan including former and present ministers and head military chiefs, which were open in the Pakistan banks.

Although 5,000 Afghans, who fled home, have tried to cross the border toward Pakistan since last Saturday, armed soldiers of the Taliban regime are blockading them with clubs. Iran and Pakistan blockaded the borders on Saturday.

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