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`` Safety of Korean Peninsula Insecure ``

Posted September. 13, 2001 08:30,   


The terror that hit the heart of America caused great fear among the citizens through their eyes and ears. Enraged citizens searched after the whereabouts of their relatives and friends residing in America, and expressed concern towards a `post-storm` phenomenon which would make political and economical impacts.

The citizens repeatedly requested that America should take harsh measures against organizations or country when identified as the terrorists. As both domestic and foreign stock markets began to plummet, they expressed concern about the possible arising of political chaos and economic depression comparable to that of the cold war era.

Kim Chang-Ryul, who had watched the TV from the night of the 11th remarked, ``If the world`s greatest military power America can experience such terror, isn`t it possible that such state of emergency can also arise at anytime in our country?``

Housewife Kim Mi-Hyun (32?Seoul, Joong-Gu Joong-Lim Dong) said, ``I wonder if this is not a premonition of a third world war. I am worried about the economic shock our country will undergo due to its high dependency on America, and about the severe impact it will have on North-South relations as well as international politics in general.``

There are many who are concerned about the possible paralysis of the US economy that will put the country into a `panic` mode. The negative impact this will have on the Korean economy along with the blockage of international state of affairs as a result of America`s revenge seems apparent.

Song Jin-Il (28), an employee of Salomen-Smith-Barney stock company, showed his concern, ``When America actualizes its retaliation against those behind the terror will not the international state of affairs become tight?``

Housewife Park Yoon-Ja (61?Seoul Kangnam-Gu Samsung-Dong) stated, ``I hope this does not turn out as a war between countries.`` Jun Gae-Wan (28), who works for an American company called the Detroit Consulting, remarked, ``The paralysis of the US economy is the most critical problem.`` and ``I am concerned about the time it will take for the Korean economy to recover from the shock since Korea`s stock market catches `cold` when America`s stock market merely `coughs` .``

Kim Dong-Wook (26, Master of International Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School), who is visiting Korea while studying in the US stated, `Bush will take harsh measures` and ``once consensus spreads that the `subject of terror is a Middle Eastern country` all efforts put into maintaining peace in the third world will be shattered.``

People preparing to study or immigrate to the US also experienced a lot of shock. A company employee, Woo Sang-Yong (20) stated, ``We have confirmed that America is also a `dangerous country` who have been exposed to terror. As a result of this incident, there will be a significant fall among school friends in their desire to study in the US or immigrate to the US.`` Another company employee Kim (30,Woolsan Yoogok-Dong) stated, ``I am no longer sure as to whether I should proceed with my preparation to pursue an MBA program in the US.``

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