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DJ Administration, Dissatisfactory 64 Pct, Wrong Reformation 83 Pct

DJ Administration, Dissatisfactory 64 Pct, Wrong Reformation 83 Pct

Posted August. 27, 2001 09:00,   


The long-term projects of the DJ administration for the past three and half years, except for the Inter-Korean relationship and the peace settlement in the Korean peninsula, the independent security posture and the establishment of the advanced country in the human rights were evaluated extremely negative by the people.

On the reformation policies, 2 out of 3 people chose to say that ``the basic direction was right but the method of the reformation was wrong.``

In consequence, the dissatisfaction rate with the DJ administration (67.7 percent) doubled the satisfaction rate (32.1 percent).

According to the nationwide survey of 1000 people on the DJ administration by the public opinion research institute Research & Research, while only 36 percent of the answerers chose `doing good` for `harmonious development of the democracy and the market economy`, which DJ set for the national basic philosophy, 58.5 percent answered `doing poorly`. The evaluation on the `expansion of the autonomy of the market economy by minimizing the governmental intervention into the business activities` also showed 57.9 percent of negative response compared to the 35 percent positive answerers.

However, for the reconciliatory and cooperative Inter-Korean relationship and the establishment of peace in the Korean peninsula, the positive evaluation (63.4 percent) exceeded the negative responses (35.7 percent). For the autonomous security postures and the strengthening of the Korea-U.S. security system and for the establishment of the foundation for the advanced human right country and the improvement of the democracy, 44.7 percent and 42.3 percent respectively evaluated the DJ administration positive.

For the reformation policies, 65.2 percent of the respondents said `the basic direction is right but the application is wrong` and 17.8 percent chose `both the basic direction and the application are wrong`. While 83 percent of the people expressed their dissatisfaction, only 9.6 percent said `both the basic direction and the application are right`.

On the question `whether the restructuring and the economic reformation would strengthen the competitiveness of the domestic business and banking industry`, only 23.9 percent answered `heading to the competitiveness improvement` while 40.8 percent chose `No` and 29.7 percent rather answered `heading to the competitiveness decrease`.

Meanwhile, 48.2 percent of the respondents answered that the President will be evaluated as `a successful President` after his resignation, which is 5.3 percent higher than 42.9 percent of the respondents who answered that the President will be evaluated as `a failed President`.

The poll was conducted through phone calls and the credibility is 95 percent with the standard deviation of 3.1 percent.