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Chan-Ho, Mountain after Mountains…

Posted August. 24, 2001 08:55,   


To make matters worse, Park Chan-Ho (28), who is showing signs of going into a slump, encounters a formidable opponent. The opponent is the Atlanta Braves’ Tom Glavine (35), who is also known as the `lefty pitchers` textbook`.

Park Chan-Ho will pitch against Glavine at a visiting game against the Braves that will open at Turner Field in Atlanta, 8:35 am on August 25th (Korean time).

Glavine is a top-class pitcher who is boasting two Cy-Young Award titles and a record of five more-than-20-wins seasons. Since he joined the Atlanta Braves in 1987, the veteran has been putting a total record of 219-131 with earned run average of 3.41. With his various curve balls, perfect control, and ice-cold calmness, he has been called the `pitchers` textbppl`. The fact that every Korean lefty once wanted 47 as his backnumber shows how big a reputation he has.

Although evaluations of Glavine`s game say that his pitching is not as powerful as before since he reached the middle of his 30s, with a record of 11-6 in this season, he is still actively taking part in the team’s pitching rotation as the main power along with Greg Maddux, the magician of control.

Surely, he is a difficult opponent for Park Chan-Ho who has not added a win in last four starts and recording three losses. Furthermore, the Atlanta Braves is a strong team leading the National League Eastern Division up until yesterday, and Chan-Ho’s record against them is 2-2 with ERA of 4.66. Baseball fans are focusing on whether Park Chan-Ho, who is suffering from the hip injury and is also the focus of much blame, will be able to make a change of direction.

Kim Sang-Soo ssoo@donga.com