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Agreement on the Special Committee to Investigate Tax Evasion

Agreement on the Special Committee to Investigate Tax Evasion

Posted August. 21, 2001 09:13,   


On the 20th, the ruling Party and the opposition parties agreed to make a special committee to investigate the tax evasion. The special committee will have one president and three members from each three parties.

On the same day, the three parties had a meeting and decided to approve the plan for the national affair investigation on the 24th at the National Assembly meeting. They also agreed to conclude the national affair investigation before the 10th of August, after the regular session of the National Assembly started.

The chief of the special committee will be one of the Democrats and the party potentially has decided Kim Tae-Sik as the president of the committee.

The general manager of the Grand National Party Lee Jae-O said, ``The plan for the investigation should be approved until the 27th at most. A hearing will be held for 6 days from the 3rd to 8th, considering the schedule of the session of the National Assembly.``

The ruling party and the opposition parties also decided to held a meeting either on the 24th or on the 27th and re-make the special committee for the political reform. The committee will deal with the reform of election law and the Political Party law.

They also decided to have a consultative body under the chief of the National Assembly that is consisted of professionals in each area and members of the National Assembly.

Also, they decided to approve the supplementary budget after reviewing it from the 21st to 23rd. Along with this, they decided to discuss the third law of the finance and law to prohibit money washing within this month, and the national affair investigation will be held from the 10th and 29th of the next month.

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