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Examination on Warrants for the Five Concerning Tax Evasion

Examination on Warrants for the Five Concerning Tax Evasion

Posted August. 18, 2001 09:43,   


Judges Lee Jae-Hoo and Han Joo-Han (Seould District Court), who are in charge of examined warrants, summoned the five related tax evasion to the court and asked them questions on the 17th.

The questions for Kim Byung –Kwan, former honorary chairman of Dong-a Ilbo, went on around 1 hour and 20 minitues from 10 a.m. by Judge Han and questions on Kim Byung- Kun, former vice president of Dong-a Ilbo, went on for around 30 minutes.

Bang Sang-Hoon, president of Chosun Ilbo, also had a round of continued question for 40 minutes by Judge Lee from 10 a.m.

The defense counsel for Kim, former honorary chairman, said in the court, ``Kim, former honorary chairman, is 67 years old senior and has heart problems. He also had suffered already from the death of his wife because of this case. This is the biggest punishment for him.``

In response to the charge of a donation tax evasion, the defense counsel insisted that ``it was not a donation. He just gave his stocks to Il Min culture foundation for free and got those back because the foundation had a problem concerning over possession of stocks. Therefore the charge of a donation tax evasion is unfair.``

They also said, ``Kim, honorary chairman, used most of 1.8 billion won, allegedly appropriation, for company in the same period he used 20 billion won of his own property for company. In final results, he did not create any economic damage to company.``

The defense counsel for Bang, president of Chosun Ilbo, said, ``He paid tax diligently so far and he paid the greatest amount of donation tax than anybody. Prosecutors charged him with misappropriation of company money, however, the money was used for company and he did not appropriated even one penny.``

The defense counsel also submitted a medical certificate to Judge, showing that Bang has arthritis and problems in his bones.

Cho Hee-Joon, former president of Kookmin Ilbo, and Lee Tae-Soo, Dae Han Mail representative, also had a round of question for 30 min from 2 p.m.

The five people waited for the court`s decision in the prosecutor`s office after the examination on warrants.

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