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Chan Ho `Little Progress . . .`

Posted August. 16, 2001 08:16,   


L.A. Dodger team members stood around staring at the ground after the game was over. It was that depressing a game for the Dodgers.

Park Chan Ho`s bad luck continues. In the home game against Montreal Expos on August 15, Park had 4 strike outs and 3 base hit outs in eight innings, blocking the batting line from scoring. But finishing pitcher Jeff Shaw’s fumble lost the game.

The Dodgers, who are in a fierce competition to get to the top of the Western Division and to enter the postseason, missed two base runs with bases loaded one out in the first inning, showing a weak performance through the rest of the game. A five game losing streak after their 1-4 loss to the Expos, the Dodgers will face the first place Arizona Diamondbacks in 3 games and the second place San Francisco Giants in 2 games.

The game left much to be desired. Falling into a slump after two straight losses and beginning to lose confidence as an ace by the Los Angeles Times, Park seemed like a new man, blocking the batting line every inning. In the first and second innings, Park threw three balls and allowed only one hit, keeping it at no score until the fifth. Top speed of 153 km and big falling curves took the Montreal batters to task.

With two outs in the sixth inning, Park allowed one third base hit to Montreal`s top hitter Bergeron but turned the tide after Blum’s ground hit. Park led the team with a 1-0 lead, maintaining a three hit, no score state until the eight inning. At the bottom of the eighth with 2 outs, second base loaded, Dodgers made the fateful decision to take Park out from the plate and put in Hanson. When Jeff Shaw stepped on to the mound in the ninth, he allowed four base hits and four points.

Park missed his 12th win and lowered his average run 2 points (2.98). He will be starting in the game at Dodgers Stadium with the New York Mets on August 20, 5 pm.

Meanwhile, Arizona`s Kim Byong Hyon missed a save after the Pittsburgh Pirates scored a homerun. Leading 3-2, Kim entered in the eighth and let Pittsburgh`s Giles score a solo homerun. The game extended into the tenth inning and for two innings, Kim had two strikeouts, two base hit outs, and allowed one point, scoring a 2.96 run average. With two outs, second base loaded, Williams hit one to score and Arizona managed to win the game with 4-3.

Kim Sang-Soo ssoo@donga.com