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`Beating Czech with Hwang Sun-Hong`

Posted August. 15, 2001 08:50,   


`Stork` Hwang Sun-Hong (33, Kashiwa) will play a key role to beat the Czech.

``It is not a testing stage anymore. We will exercise a strategy to win the game.``

Hiddink, Head Coach of Korea National Soccer Team, expressed a strong will about the evaluation game against Czech held in Brno, Czech on August 15.

If `best members` are put together, Hwang Sun-Hong, who is trusted by Hiddink, is the first candidate for striker as centerfold. Sul Ki-Hyun (Anderlecht), who showed good conditions in Europe stages recently, and Lee Chun-Soo (Korea University), who was confirmed through field training, may be expected to play as the left and right winged players respectively. Ahn Jungh-Wan (Pusan Icons) is the most likely to support Hwang Sun-Hong in the back as `assistance fire`. Hwang joined the field training of the national team on August 12. Although he played in a 120-minute game in J League with FC Tokyo on August 11 and took a 13-hour flight, Hwang`s conditions was enhanced by the field training without any particular injuries. Hwang was chosen by Hiddink in the Confederation Cup games. He earned the first goal against Mexico and moved freely among tall Australian players, earning the winning goal. He is evaluated to be the best candidate against Czech players with good physical built.

In addition, Hwang earned a goal in the latest game against Czech, which produces more expectation for him. In a friendship game in May 1998, Hwang earned a chasing goal in the second half when Korea was losing by 0-2, which served as a pivoting point to tie the game with 2-2 later.

Meanwhile, in the evaluation game against Czech, Choi, Sungyong (Linz) and Lee Young-Pyo (Anyang LG) are expected to play as defensive mid-field players, and Song Jong-Guk, Lee Min-Sung (from Pusan), Kang Chul (Jeonnam Dragons), and Lee Kieh-Yung (Suwon Samsung) are considered as major defense players.

The national team has prepared for a game in a Czech Stadium on August 14 through field trainings.

Joo Sung-Won swon@donga.com