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Bush `Embryonic Stem Cell Research Support`

Posted August. 11, 2001 09:16,   


US President George W. Bush (Photo) announced on August 9 that human embryonic stem cell research would be supported by federal funds under strict conditions, only if it is for medical purpose.

President Bush, who was on vacation at the Crawford Ranch in Texas, concluded on the controversial issue of stem cell research, which was televised alive nationwide.

Bush said, `` There are more than 60 stem cell lines extracted from the destroyed embryos in privately funded research institutions. Such stem cells are not related to the life or death issue and can be regenerated infinitely. Thus, the federal government will support only those existing researches.``

According to the announcements the White House released, the federal funding will be limited to the embryonic stem cell researches, which were extracted from the destroyed embryos that had been donated for the infertility treatment purposes under the consents of donors. No monetary benefits should be given to the embryo donors.

Bush announced that he would make a special presidential committee for supervising the stem cell researches, and guiding the moral issues of bioengineering. This committee will be composed of scientists, medical doctors, lawyers and theologians, chaired by Dr. Leon Kass of University of Chicago.

The US bio-industries welcomed his decision, saying, ``A breakthrough for the treatments of Parkinson`s Disease and Alzheimer`s Disease has been prepared.``, but they complained about the limits of the research supports.

Religious leaders oppose to his decision, saying ``The embryo destruction for stem cell research is nothing but murder.``

Han Ki-Heung eligius@donga.com