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President Lee, `No Negotiation of Press Issue`

Posted August. 07, 2001 10:05,   


Lee, Huichang, president of Grand National Party (GNP), said in presidential group meeting, ``The fundamental principles of free democracy, human rights and market economy should be inalienable. Although we are willing to discuss with government and the ruling party with patience regarding people’s life and business conditions, we won’t take all the good things for granted.``

He added, ``In particular, the freedom of speech is a fundamental right guaranteed under the Constitution. Thus, no concession or negotiation is possible for this issue. To protect and preserve the basic values and human rights, we will exercise our power.`` About North Korea – Russia mutual declaration, he criticized, ``President Kim Tae-Jung had said that North Korea took the United States Forces in Korea (USFK) for granted but it turned out not to be true. Although the international political situation changes rapidly against our diplomatic grounds, President Kim must have been obsessed with the return visit of Kim Jong-il, chairperson of North Korea’s Defense Commission, with complacency mistakenly.``

Kim Jeong-Hun jnghn@donga.com