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40 Percent of Middle and High School Students Suffer from Melancholia

40 Percent of Middle and High School Students Suffer from Melancholia

Posted August. 03, 2001 09:46,   


According to a report, 4 out of 10 middle- high school students suffer from melancholia; the conditions of half of them are in a serious need professional help.

Dr. Jo Mang-Jae and his crew, neuropsychology department of Seoul National University Hospital, announced the result of the report on Aug 2. The psychological health report is supported by the city of Kangki and Buchun and is a result of survey on 2203 (male 1105, female 1098) students in Bochun in December, 1999.

According to the report, 40.9 percent (male 34.3 percent, female 47.5 percent) suffer from the melancholia. Besides, 25.8 percent (male 23.5 percent, female 28.1 percent) of students answered `yes` to the question `` have you felt the desire to commit suicide in the past 2 weeks? ``; 5.3 percent of students actually attempted suicide.

The danger of getting melancholia is 8 times higher when students show low satisfaction on their schoolwork.

Especially, the half of the students who suffer melancholia [17.4 percent (male) and 20.5 percent (female) of total students] are reported to need professional help.

The report was presented in the 154th neuropsychology Conference in May, in the U.S.

Dr. Cho said, `` female student suffer from melancholia more than male students in developed countries, however, this report shows that it is reversed in Korea`` and he added, `` this is because male students are more stress from the academic achievements and college entrance exam.`` He also said, `` for teenagers’ psychological health, more desirable reform of entrance exam system is needed.``