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Voice Cloning Software Coming Soon

Posted August. 02, 2001 09:27,   


A software that regenerate even the voice of the deceased has been made by AT&T. AT&T research institute (US) announced that they had made a software that not only revives the original voice of a person but also forges any kind of voice. With this software, we can even listen to a story with the exact same voice of a person even if the person does not tell the story at all, New York Times reported on 31st of last month. The software named `natural voice` can revive any specific voice such as a deceased celebrity. Those who participated in this project insist that you cannot hear the difference between the original voice and the forged voice. Leviner vice president of AT&T research institute said, `` We will be able to talk to our customer borrowing the voices of the celebrities. And we will hear the voices of deceased celebrities in TV.`` He also pointed out that there is a possibility for the natural voice to bring about conflicts over the rights of ownership.``