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Rev. Song Protested Against Distorted Japanese Textbook

Posted July. 30, 2001 09:22,   


Rev. Song Se-Hyun (54) is demonstrating alone to protest the Japan`s distortion of history textbook. Rev. Son had held a hunger strike in front of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Scinece and Technology building at the end of May.

Song revealed the Japan`s distortion of history textbook to the foreign diplomatic representatives, displaying the Korea`s national flag and the photos testifying the brutality of the Japanese Empire from 24th to 28th in front of the United Nations Headquarters in New York. He said that ``there have been a lot of difficulties until receiving the permit for the demonstration from the New York Police Department, but I found the value of the demonstration when the UN diplomatic representatives and the Americans took the flyers showing their interests in the photos``.

Rev. Song stressed that all Koreans should solidify in order to overcome Japan, saying that ``the Japanese have distorted the history through the textbook because the Korea`s national power is weaker``.

Song plans to continue the demonstration in front of the Japanese consulate general at New York to August 7th from July 29th.