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Frustrated (Hiddink)

Posted July. 26, 2001 10:04,   


Will Korean soccer team ever get better?

It has been about 6 months since Korean soccer team, “the Hiddink”, embarked for World Cup with full of hope. So far the Korean soccer team has won six matches out of 11 matches with two draws. This is quite satisfactory result as far as the percentage of victories goes.

Yet, the hot controversy about Hiddink’s ability is being posted on the on-line bulletin board of major press and the Korean soccer association. Being distrustful on Hiddink’s leadership, some think that Hiddink have not shown a good tactics whenever the Korean soccer team is matched with the formidable European soccer team. For example, France soccer team beat the Korean soccer team with a large victory of 0-5. They are also not satisfied with the composition of the team by Hiddink.

Stating against the above opinions, those who advocates Hiddink said that “Korean soccer is now entering into an artistic level. The three goals achieved in the confederation were a perfect piece of work.” Japanese soccer journalists also reported the improvement of Korean soccer at that time. They said that the Korean soccer team has shown faster and more delicate intentional passes.

What kind of result can we expect from Korean soccer team for 2002 World Cup?

Hiddink will train in Europe starting Aug. 6. During this time, Hiddink expects to get some good counterplans for European team through games with sub-league of Netherlands and Cheko(Aug.15) . We have less than a year until the World Cup starts and it is a serious task for Hiddink to form the basic frame of tactics that fit rightly for Korean soccer team. As good ingredients make good food, the members of the team is very important. Yet we are sure that if the J league, the essential best 11 for Korean soccer team, would join the Europe training or not because of the restriction of FIFA rules. It says that J league cannot join the national team more than 6 times.

It is also uncertain if the Korean soccer team can play with European team every month as it was originally planned. So far, we have a match with Germany (November), Cheko. Other expected matches with Spain, Morocco, Argentina do not seem to be possible so far. Only one match with the U.S might be possible on December.

This is why Hiddink once said off the record: “ Korea is very unfortunate because she can expect neither “neighboring effect” nor good sparring partner like European countries. Yet his comment does not imply his irresponsibility.

Refusing the interview with the press, Hiddink is reviewing the video tape of Korean soccer team over and over again in his hotel room. The rest of his time would be filled with game observations and the meetings with the coaching staff. He is trying to cover several holes of the tactics with new and best card of strategy.

Many soccer fans think that it is the time for Hiddink to show something special to Korean soccer fans. Hence, this coming training in Europe has a significant meaning.