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Investigation On Government Subsidy To Parties

Posted July. 21, 2001 09:02,   


The National Election Commission dispatched related officials to the headquarters of the three parties, the ruling New Millennium Democratic Party, the Grand National Party, and the United Liberal Democrats, to investigate on the detail statement of the government subsidy expenditures.

The inspection by the NEC on the legality of the government subsidy expenditure of the parties is implemented for the first time since the first grant of government subsidy to the parties in 1981.

A party official said that ``the NEC officials rummaged among the detail income-expenditure statements. After the inspection, three parties will have a hard time.``

An NEC official remarked, ``NEC set for the inspection by the indications that the parties waist the government subsidies that came from the tax at their own will. The inspection will focus on the false descriptions of the treasures reports and the expedient utilization of the government subsidy.``

By the political fund law, the NEC may investigate the local offices and the headquarters of the parties on the expenditures of the government subsidy and also file complaints against the parties when an illegality is found. In addition, if any illegality is found, the NEC may stop or reduce the government subsidy to the related parties. The NEC is known to have completed the investigation on the printing business, restaurants, and other related companies for the supporting evidences.