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Genova in Emergency Alert For Anti-Globalization Demonstration

Genova in Emergency Alert For Anti-Globalization Demonstration

Posted July. 19, 2001 08:07,   


The Foreign Ministers of the G8 met at a suburban villa yesterday to discuss the U.S. MD system and the Macedonian incident prior to the G8 summit talks on July 20.

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell had a dinner meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov to persuade that the MD system is beneficial not only for the U.S. but also the whole world. However, Mr. Powell failed to persuade Mr. Ivanov.

To block the anti-globalization demonstration in Genova, where the G8 summit talks will be held, the Italian government has blockade all the stations, airports, and harbors to Genova and established 200 barricades in the main streets.

The Italian police raided the bases of the left groups in Genova, Milan, Florence, and Napoli, and confiscated the papers and hammers. In addition, to imprison the demonstrators, Genova has emptied the two prisons and deployed 16 thousands soldiers all over the city.

The Italian National Affairs Department started monitoring the Internet sites by dispatching 20 computer experts to defend the G8 official site and other major sites such as the IBRD site from the cyber attacks.

Neighbor countries German and France also strengthen the border surveillance and Bayern State of German provided the profiles of the 2000 major protestors to the Italian police.

However, since thousands demonstrators from England and Spain have already arrived in Genova, the clashes seem to be inescapable. Meanwhile, the McDonald, which had been attacked by the protestors during the international conferences, temporarily closed its three chain stores in Genova since July 17.

[Genova, AP/AFP]

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