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Jiang Zemin, ``Arson of History Will Bring About A Serious Explosion``

Jiang Zemin, ``Arson of History Will Bring About A Serious Explosion``

Posted July. 11, 2001 20:19,   


Chinese President Jiang Zemin expressed his deep anxiety about the Japanese rejection of the requests from Korea and Japan to rectify the distorted historical textbooks, stating ``the history cannot be changed.`` Jiang Zemin remarked this to the three coalition leaders of Japan.

Mr. Jiang warned, ``the arson on the history will induce a serious explosion,`` and revealed his intention ``to solve the problem according to the spirit of the China-Japan Joint Declaration in 1998 and to re-establish a new relationship.`` He added, ``That is very crucial for the peaceful prosperity of all Asians.``.

Chief Secretary Yamasaki delivered to Jiang Zemin the autograph letter of Japan`s Prime Minister Koizumi Junichiro, which described the Japan`s expectation for a summit at APEC in Shanghai, October this year, after the resolution of the current issues between the two countries.

The Chinese deputy Prime Minister also remarked that ``the history matter would hopefully not block the relationship between the two countries.`` And Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan demanded that Japan`s Prime Minister Koizumi Juichiro cancel his plan to pay reverence at the Yaskuni temple.

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