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Israel-Palestine, State of War in Gaza Strip

Posted July. 09, 2001 09:18,   


Despite the efforts of the international society to stop the violence in Palestine, the bloody clashes between Israel and Palestine has accelerated to the state of war.

The Israel Military announced that the Palestine militia corps had attacked an Israeli border checkpoint in the Palestinian district of the Gaza Strip with over 60 grenades and a burst of shots with the Israeli army retaliating. The engagement had continued through the night.

In the early morning, the Israeli army attacked a Palestinian residential area in the West Bank of the Jordan River to erect a military checkpoint. Eyewitnesses reported that 7 Palestinians were injured by the assault of the Israeli soldiers.

Meanwhile, a funeral ceremony of an 11-year-old boy Ibrahim al Mugrabi, who had been killed by an Israeli gunshot to his head, was held in Raphach in the midst of the shouting chorus of ``Revenge.``

In this circumstances, Palestinian Information Minister Yasser Abed Rabbo and Israeli congressperson Yossi Beilin met with Palestine Legislative Council member Hanan Ashrawi in Arnam, West Bank, to discuss the resumption of dialogue for cease-fire.

Mr. Ashrawi said that ``we have reached a partial agreement on some issues related with the Israeli settlements.``

(Ramallah, AP/AFP)