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What Does All-Star Mean For Park Chan-Ho?

Posted July. 05, 2001 20:35,   


`Honor and wealth all together….`

Park Chan-Ho was now recognized as the top-level starter by being included in the roaster of All-Star game which has been called `Star Wars`.

The notables which were chosen in the All-Star team with Park really prove his heightened place in the ML. The ML top-stars such as Roger Clemens (New York Yankees), Randy Johnson (Arizona Diamondbacks) and Rick Reed (New York Mets) were included in the pitching roaster with Park Chan-Ho.

Standing abreast with these players, Park rose to the object of envy incomparable to anybody in the popularity and prominence. As Park recorded over 10 wins for four straight years from 1997, and has also performed splendidly in this season, he finally became a player worthy of receiving the suitable treatment for the genuine star.

Park not only attached the honorable `All-Star` decoration to his name, but also acquired the certified check for a large sum of money with the honor. Park`s annual salary is $9.9 million (12 billion won) for this season, and he will receive the incentive money of $50,000 by participating in the All-Star game. But such an extra money is trifling.

Park will become a free agent at the end of this season, and he will fully utilize his All-Star career for finding his next course. He is now standing on the vantage ground for the negotiation to renew the contract or to transfer to the other team.

Park`s agent Scott Boras, known as the genius of negotiation, has settled the huge contracts thus far. Boras arranged the 10-year contract of astronomical $252 million for Alex Rodriguez (Texas Rangers) at the beginning of this year.

Therefore, Boras will possibly try to draw the contract of huge money on the basis of Park`s All-Star selection in the negotiation for annual salary.

Recently, the U.S. newspapers designated Park Chan-Ho to the first pitcher who may

receive the annual salary of $20 million, which has drawn much attention. Moreover, some ML organizations such as the New York Yankees and the New York Mets has instigated the climbing of his guarantee, sending the love calls to Park.

Anyhow, Park`s value is likely to soar up to the sky due to the All-Star effect.

Kim Jong-Seok kjs0123@donga.com