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Electronic Wave To Be A Target Of Environmental Management

Electronic Wave To Be A Target Of Environmental Management

Posted July. 02, 2001 19:58,   


Ministry of Environment (ME) announced yesterday that a revised basic environmental policy bill will be enacted. The new revised law defines the basic tone of the environmental policy as it focuses on the prevention and independent unified management. Previously, the law was focusing the aftermath management and restriction.

According to the revised bill, a manufacturer has to minimize the influence caused by the final product, as well as the influence that can take place during the producing procedure. And a foundation will be prepared with which the ME can order to stop a project, if the project does not observe the subjects of agreement. The ground is to maximize the pre-examination system that pre-discusses a development project’s possible influence on the environment.

The bill will have elementary self-government to prepare an environment preservation plan. Currently, only metro self-government can move forward with such plan. And the government will develop an environment-friendly planning method that considers the environment for planning of development projects.

Especially, the revised bill included the `electronic waves` on the list of managerial subjects since it is a major influencing factor on the environment. It means that the government has recognized that the electronic waves influence on the environment for the first time. Additionally, the basis for an evaluation on environmental influence, caused by the development of the technology, such as synthesis of new substances or fabrication of genes, has been prepared as well.

The ME said, ``Although the contents of the revised bill are mostly exemplary and proclamation-oriented, they will prepare substantial and practical ways of executing after passing the parliament.``

Jung Young-Gwan yongari@donga.com