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President Clarified `No Outside Intervention In Press Tax Probe`

President Clarified `No Outside Intervention In Press Tax Probe`

Posted July. 02, 2001 19:56,   


Regarding the press tax probe, President Kim Dae-Jung stated yesterday that ``the investigation was undertaken absolutely free from outside intervention and the fairness of the investigation was perfectly guaranteed. The following prosecutors investigation also will be carried out fairly by the law and order, excluding any potential outside intervention.``

President Kim remarked at the Cabinet meeting that, ``when the press is sound and healthy, the society and the whole nation can become sound and healthy. I am confident that the investigation and the following treatment of the matter will be an opportunity to create a transparent and sound press culture.

This is the first statement of the President regarding the press tax probe. Senior Press Secretary to the President Park Joon-Young explained, ``regarding the press tax investigation, the public opinion urges for the strict punishment. While the people worry about a potential compromise with the press, the opposing party interprets the tax probe from the political point of view. In this circumstances, the President may have wanted to emphasize the basic principle.``

However, Rep. Chang Kwang-Geun, the senior spokesperson of the Grand National Party, criticized that ``the statement of the President reveals that the President himself has directed the press tax probe and reiterates his will to continue.``

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