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Lieutenant Yu Young-Ja, Eldest Police Woman Retires Soon After 32 Year Service

Lieutenant Yu Young-Ja, Eldest Police Woman Retires Soon After 32 Year Service

Posted July. 01, 2001 10:10,   


``When I was young, policewomen could work at some particular departments. I am very proud of the female police officers who are working at various sections and am pleased with their increased social status.``

The police lieutenant Yu Kyong-Ja (59, the head of the Scientific Investigation Department of the Kangnam Police Station) will retire from her 32-year service since she started her career in April 1969 when she was 26. Her heart was filled with emotion especially on July 1, the 55th anniversary of the foundation of the Police Women.

``When I just started the police job after graduating from the university and, after decades, when I led the scientific investigation team at the scenes of the murder cases, I have often attracted people`s attention. However, I have tried to concentrate myself on my job rather than care about [the prejudicial eyes].``

Lieutenant Yu is the policewoman who has served the police for the longest period, which is two year older than Superintendent Kim Gang-Ja (head of the Crime Prevention Bureau, Seoul Police Agency), who is famous for her crackdown of so-call Texas town in Mia-ri, Seoul. She became a cop in late sixties after graduating from Dongguk University where she majored in English Literature.

``I dreamed of being a nurse military officer after the graduation in 1968. However, the Police agency happened to draft the female police officers before the Military. Then I became a cop.``

After the first assignment to the Juvenile Department, lieutenant Yu has served for 32 years mostly in the Juvenile Department (11 years) and the Administration Department. When she was promoted to Lieutenant last year, she volunteered to move to the Scientific Investigation Department and has led the 8 member-team.

Lieutenant Yu said that ``the delicate sensibility and the meticulous nature of women are very helpful for the investigation on the criminal scenes. And it looks better for the female officers, without exception, to take their regular duties and emergency duties equal to their male buddies, which is different from the past habitual custom.``