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Kim Kyung-Ha, Promising Table Tennis Player

Posted June. 25, 2001 20:03,   


Kim Kyung-Ha (19, Korean Air) launched her vigorous first step toward the next generation star of the Korean women`s table tennis.

Kim won the title on 23rd, defeating Jung Son-Yong (Hyundai Department Store), 2-0, in the women`s single finals at the national table tennis championship which was held in Chechon athletic center.

Although two top players, Yoo Ji-Hae (Samsung Insurance) and Kim Moo-Kyo (Korean Air) did not participate in the tournament due to the personal circumstances, Kim`s victory was very valuable because she earned the title competing with the former and current national team players such as Lee Eun-Shil (Samsung Insurance) and Suk Eun-Mi (Hyundai Department Store).

Kim Kyung-Ha`s first title in the adult championship should be attributed to her father Kim Kwang-Jin`s (46) devoted care. Mr. Kim is a physically-challenged table tennis player who won the gold medals in the Seoul Paralympics in 1988 and in the Sydney Paralympics last year.

Kim Kwang-Jin, who overcame his handicap and finally advanced to the top ranking in the world as a physically-challenged player, turned his passion toward the table tennis over to his son and daughter. Thanks to his devotion to the table tennis, his son Bong-Keun (20, Inha University) and daughter Kyung-Ha could grow to be excellent table tennis players.

Kim Kyung-Ha began to play table tennis in third grade of the Dong-Kwang elementary school in Pusan, and was called to attention because of her natural talent. And she had shown excellent performances, winning the titles of the various national-level tournaments, through the Myung-Ji women`s middle school and high school, which has been famous for their excellent table tennis teams.

Kang Hee-Chan, the coach of the Korean Air table tennis team, told that ``Kim Kyung-Ha`s competitive nature seems to be have been passed downed from her father. If she builds up the physical power, she will be a promising player``.

A penholder lefty, Kim Kyung-Ha plans to participate in the U.S. Open which will be the beginning of next month.

Joo Sung-Won swon@donga.com