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Powell, ``North Korea-U.S. Dialogue Continues``

Posted June. 21, 2001 19:25,   


U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said yesterday that the issue of North Korea’s reduction of the conventional weapons has to be included among topics of the dialogue between North Korea and U.S.. And, even if North Korea rejects to discuss the issue, the dialogue itself will not be ruptured.

When asked by Senator John Kerry (Democratic Party) about the issue of North Korea’s rejection to reduce the conventional weapons at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Secretary Powell answered ``I don’t think the issue will derail the dialogue itself.``

Secretary Powell added, ``What North Korea had meant was that they did not want to talk about the issue at that time. But, the topics of the dialogue have to include all things. And I hope the dialogue will continued soon.``

The secretary stressed, `` it is very hard to develop the relationship with North Korea without presenting the issue of confrontation on conventional weapons in the Korean Peninsular. It is a topic which we should discuss soon.``

``To maintain the conventional weapons, North Korea is spending significant part of their resources that should have been used to help the poor and starving people. We do not want this conventional military power to threat South Korea``, Secretary Powell said.

Han Ki-Heung eligius@donga.com