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Taiwan Succeeded Experimental Launching of Patriot Missiles

Taiwan Succeeded Experimental Launching of Patriot Missiles

Posted June. 20, 2001 19:29,   


Taiwanese news agencies reported that for the first time, Taiwanese military successfully finished yesterday the experimental launching of three patriot missiles during which the missiles destroyed the imaginary targets.

The missiles were launched at 9:10 am from Gio-Pon Missile Base located in Pin-Don Province, Southwestern part of Taiwan, and accurately hit the fake enemy missiles launched from Mt. A-Mei in Liu-Dow, Tai-Don Province which is Southeast part of Taiwan.

The missile launching experiment that targets China will continue on today, 22nd, and 27th. Taiwanese news agencies said that the missiles were launched targeting the imaginary enemy’s missiles and airplanes. The experiment is gathering interest from international society since it indicates Taiwan and U.S.’ strong will to cope with China’s threat.

China showed their uneasy feeling toward U.S. at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ regular briefing saying, ``China opposes against the sale of high-tech weapons to Taiwan.`` They also strongly blamed Taiwanese government saying, ``the experiment is an action that hinders the unification.``

Lee Jong-Hwan ljhzip@donga.com