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10th Birthday Commemoration Dream-team Composed for Musical ``Nonsense``

10th Birthday Commemoration Dream-team Composed for Musical ``Nonsense``

Posted June. 19, 2001 11:16,   


A `dream-team` of the musical `Nonsense` has been composed. Actresses known for their `strong characters` including Park Jung-Ja, Yun Seok-Wha, Yang Hee-Kyung, and Yun Hee-Jung, will be performing together. It is the 10th birthday commemoration performance of the musical ``Nonsense`` which will be held from July, 17th at the Hoam Art Hall in Soonwhadong, Seoul.

This musical is about a comic episode in which five nuns prepare a performance to raise funeral costs for other nuns who died of a food poisoning. The musical has mobilized 1,350,000 audiences staging 4,200 performances in Korea.

After Woo Sang-Min, Kim Jee-Sook, and Yang Kum-Seok, the actresses for the premiere performance, 108 actresses including Park Jung-Ja, Ha Hee-Ra, Shin Ae-Ra, and Im Sang-Ah have stood on the stage of the musical.

A special attraction worthy to note is the rendez-vous of Yun Seok-Wha and Park Jung-Ja, who will stand on the stage for the first time since the ``Three Sisters`` directed by Im Young-Wung two years ago.

Park Jung-Ja, a charismatic veteran actress, will play the role of abbess Mary Regina. She said, ``due to performance competition among actresses with unique personality and capacity, it will be a vigorous stage.``

Yun Seok-Wha, who will join the musical for the first time, will play the role of Ann, a sophisticated nun. For her, it will be the first stage since the ``Woman in the Sea``, the opening stage (director: Robert Wilson) for the Seoul Play Festival that was held last August. She will also take charge of the position of artistic director.

It seems very competitive to play the role of nun Herbert, the second highest position at the nunnery, that will be played by Yun Hee-Jung, a jazz singer, and Yang Hee-Kyung, an actress.

In addition, Kang Ae-Shim will star as the role of Amnesia, who had lost her memory. Kim Mee-Hye will play the role of Mary Leo, who wants to be a ballerina.

From July 17th to September 16th. Tuesday and Thursday: 7:30 pm, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday: 4 pm, 7:30 pm, Sunday: 3 pm. 25,000 won ~ 55,000 won. 02-766-8551

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