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13 Protesters Shut to Death by Police in India

Posted June. 19, 2001 11:16,   


After a violent arson protest to support the independence in the Manipur state in India Monday, police opened fire on rampaging protesters, killing 13. The protesters killed a soldier as a revenge, according to AP. The bloody protest took place on the last day of general strike, protesting against the federal government`s decision last week to widen a four-year-old truce with separatist rebels.

Having occupied the roads around the legislative assembly building, 5000 protesters set fire to the legislative assembly building and other public buildings. The police opened fire, killing 13 and injuring 47. Protesters killed one policeman who was patrolling on the border of Imphal late on Monday. Police has imposed the curfew in Imphal and prohibited any kind of gatherings. Police in Manipur in northeast India have been issued the shoot on sight orders to enforce a curfew in the violence-hit state. Extra units of riot police (1200 policemen) and army troops have been requisitioned, amid fears that militant rebels could take advantage of the situation and launch attacks. The police foresees that a massive bloody riot may take place since the radical organizations, who want the separate independence, control the protest.

The legislative assembly has not functioned since the ruling party was defeated at the election last month and no party has taken the majority of the seats. Therefore, the Indian government is currently administrating the Manipur state. Manipur is on the border with Myanmar, with 2,000,000 population, and has been seeking the independence from the Indian government. The National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) has agreed with the Indian government on the extension of the truce and the expansion of the cease-fire region. The radical organizations that were angry at the agreement entered the three-day general strike.

Hong Seong-Chul sungchul@donga.com