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Fun! Shinchon Complex Food Street

Posted June. 15, 2001 20:33,   


Korean food, Japanese food, fusion food, 24 hours bakery…..

After a great meal, they go to the dance game room in order to burn the calories. A fruit slush house, a take-out coffee shop, a live café, a Jazz bar, and an overnight health club would be the next candidates for fun according to their own preferences.

The new food complex street adding the concept of `Fun`, has been created around Shinchon, Seoul. It is the broad `street with features` in Chagchon-dong side of the direction toward Yonsei University from the Shinchon rotary. Recently, about 10 restaurants have launched new business. And the old restaurants such as the Brother Galbi House and the Pyokjae Galbi House have renovated.

11 o`clock pm. is rather early evening. Because most restaurants open until 2, 3 o`clock am., the young generation who has the variegated life style can enjoy a night-life city, Shinchon.

There are many options for young night owls, such as the restaurants with greatly discounted food price (a hangover relieving broth of 2,500 won), the restaurant with the `break menu` like `tuna taenggri (small rice ball),` `fried rice with chicken and potato,` `steamed rice cake,` `scallion pancake with small octopus,` and `cheese stake sandwich`, and the tuna restaurant with uniform price of 15,000 won.

Kim Seok-Ho who frequently visits this street told that ``the splendid interior and the unique menu is characteristic of this street``.

Cho In-Jik cij1999@donga.com