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Generation Transition Theory Rises In NMDP

Posted June. 10, 2001 08:21,   


It is reported that a high official of the ruling New Millennium Democratic Party raised a plan for the break of the deadlock through the transition of the generation, at the meeting to adjust the national reformation plans that will be submitted to the President.

The official reportedly asserted that the current crisis of the NMDP cannot be solved by the removal of a few people and therefore, when the President announces his plan for the administrational reformation, he needs to remark the necessity of the generation transition to alter the current political atmosphere.

He is known to say that, only when the generation transition theory is supported by the people, NMDP will success in taking the power again.

However, he did not mention specifically what generation has to recede and what generation must proceed.

His opinion was already delivered to Kim Joong-Kwon, the chairperson of NMDP.

Kim Chang-Hyuk chang@donga.com