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23 Bus Routes in Seoul Adjusted

Posted June. 10, 2001 08:17,   


Four bus routes in Seoul, such as 121-1 (Onsoo Dong to Yeoyeudo), will be discontinued as of July 1st. Seoul City announced that it confirmed the adjustment of the total 23 bus routes, which were overlapped with the subway train routes, along with the complete opening of the second term subway train. Discontinued bus routes include 479 (Hail Dong – Kangbyun Station), 107-1 (Shiheng Dong- Haetae Confectionary Company), and 53-1 (Jangahn Dong- Kyongdong Market) along with 123-1. The route of 84-1 (Uyi Dong- Seoul Station) will be discontinued, if the company wants. Donga Transportation plans to discontinue the bus route of 84-1 after seeking a plan to cut the route while continuing the service in due consideration of people’s inconvenience. The service areas of the five bus routes –147 (Hwachun - Seoul Station), 303 (Keumok Women’s Middle School – Seoul National University), 78-2 (Yangjae Station – Chongro 4th Ave.), 543 (Hongeun Dong – Joonggok Dong), and 45-1 (Chunghakli – Kangbyun Station) will be cut. If the bus routes are discontinued or cut, inconvenience of people who have used those buses is anticipated. Seoul City divided the long distance service areas - 64-1 (Shinwall Dong – Doonchon Dong) and 567 (Shinnae Dong – Sadang Dong) – into the two sections. Seoul City also extended the four bus routes: 3, 52, 55, 326.

Jung Yeon-Wook jyw11@donga.com