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Price of Vegetable Goes Up High Due to Spring Drought

Posted June. 06, 2001 10:52,   


Since farm products cannot grow due to the long-term drought and unusual heat, the price of vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, radish, and lettuce is going up higher than 2 times of normal price.

According to Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery (MAFF) and National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF), a 5 ton truck-full of Chinese cabbage was sold at 4.05 million won on 5th. It was 1.28 million won on 25th in last month, 2.10 million won on 1st, 2.75 million won on 2nd, and 3.28 million won on 4th. It is an increase of 0.5 ~ 0.7 million won every day. For this reason, the retail price of Chinese cabbage (1 kg) skyrocketed from 1,114 won of 29th in last month to 1,713 won on 5th.

The five-year average price of Chinese cabbage (5 ton) has been 1.70 million won, but it was sold at 1.28 million won in last June. Although the amount of product that comes into the market is similar with last year, the price seems to go up as its production decreases.

The price of radish (5 ton) is continuously going up from 25th in last month’s 1.91 million won, to 2 million won on 1st, 2.38 million won on 2nd, 2.75 million won on 4th, and 3.08 million won on 5th. Last 5 year’s average price has been 1.77 million won. For this reason, the retail price of radish (1 kg) went up from last week’s 965 won to 1,228 won on 5th.

In addition, cucumber (20 kg) was sold on 5th at 28,500 won, which is more expensive by 10,000 won comparing with normal price. Lettuce (4 kg) was also sold at 5,750 won, 1,500 won more expensive than average annual price. The prices of carrot, hot pepper, onion, and garlic also increased by 12 percent ~ 69 percent, comparing with last week.

A representative at MAFF said, ``Due to the drought and unusual heat, the price of vegetables will stay high until the end of June or the early July, when products from mountain areas come into market.``

Kim Sang-Chul sckim007@donga.com