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69 Percent Women, Temporarily Employed by State Invested Institutions

69 Percent Women, Temporarily Employed by State Invested Institutions

Posted June. 03, 2001 08:18,   


7 out of 10 female employees who work at one of 13 state-invested corporations, including the Korea Electric Power corporation ( Kepco), the Korea Highway Corporation, the Korea National Tourism Organization, are employed temporarily without the employment security.

The Ministry of Gender Equality recently released yesterday the report of the Korean Women`s Development Institute on `the improvement plan for the incentive system of the women employment by the state affiliated corporations.`

According to the report, the total women employees of the 8-surveyed state invested corporations numbered 15,445, which is 12.8 percent of all 120,644 employees. This rate is 7 percent lower than 19.8 percent of the women government officials’ ratio to the total employees in the 48 central government departments.

In the state owned corporations, high-level women are only 47 ( 0.5 percent) in total out of 9008 high officials. Out of all 166 executive directors, women are only 10 (6 percent) and all of them are non-permanent directors of the outside the company.

Particularly, 68.6 percent of all employees (4171 out of 6093) in the state invested corporations have temporary positions as officials in special government service, which outnumbers 10 times the male temporary employees (6.8 percent).

In the case of the 8 state invested corporations, the ratio of the female temporary officials in special government service is 23.5 percent. Women take only 2.1 percent of the 1st through 3rd grade offices and there is no female executive officer.

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