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[Editorial] The Last Chance

Posted June. 01, 2001 11:23,   


Now the ball is on the hands of President Kim Dae-Jung. The request of the Party`s Representative is only a formal procedure. The voices of the core problems have already spilled out by the ruling New Millennium Democratic Party`s congresspersons.

The ruling party`s distrust and despair have continued from the very beginning of this administration even though they have not exposed. NMDP has changed its system from the acting president system to the system of the chairperson of the Supreme Council. The party`s challenge has always failed and it has to remain under the shadow of Cheong Wa Dae. Therefore, the request for the strengthening of the Party`s power is not new.

The question is how seriously the President would accept the demand in detail and reality. It must not be another manipulation by a human management. The President has to experience the grand change of his consciousness and guarantee the democracy and the autonomy of the Party.

A systematic support, such as the Supreme Council meeting presided by the president of NMDP, is crucial for the sake of the strengthened party. First of all, the President needs to acknowledge and respect the Party as an independent subject. When the Supreme Council members were elected August last year, they agreed to have a monthly meeting.

In fact, the `internal rebellion` of NMDP is driven by Kim`s method of administration which is quite different from the idea of democracy. The human management system operated by so-called non-official line is a typical example of the administration by the human resource manipulation.

The arbitrary recovery of the DJP cooperation and the three party coalition are far from the democracy. President Kim must consider that even the NMDP members has spoken for `the re-consideration of the three party coalition.` He also has to pay attention to the voice that Cheong Wa Dae should not unreasonably move forward to take the power again, rather Cheong Wa Dae must use all its effort to be a successful administration. The President has to face the fact that he has lost the people`s support while he had supported the strong ruling party by the number of congresspersons.

This is the last chance. President Kim needs to fully realize his responsibility and provide a blueprint for the overall reformation of the national administration. He has to open his eyes and ears. He has to free himself from the `human veils.` He must remove the non-official line. He should do them with a sense of urgency.