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Seoul Taxi’s Basic Fare Increases by 300 Won

Posted June. 01, 2001 11:28,   


The basic fare of the ordinary taxis in Seoul goes up by about 300 won from 20th, August. Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on 1st that they will raise the taxi fare about 28 percent after hearing from the city council and collecting the opinions of the commodity price committee. According to Seoul City, the ordinary taxi’s fare of 100 won per 210 meters will go up to 100 won per 161 meters. The time fare will also be raised up from 100 won per 57 seconds to 100 won per 39 seconds.

Seoul City said that they set the amount of increase considering the industry’s loss portion from the minimum operation cost (25.28 percent) and the portion for the drivers’ wage will increase (higher than 5 percent).

In addition, the starting fare of the deluxe taxi will also be increased from the current 3.000 won to about 4.000 won.

Seoul City plans to mandate a installation of a simultaneous foreign language translation system and a receipt printer in its all 70.000 taxis. The city also will operate three `brand taxi` companies with 5.000 taxis that provide the call-service.

Jung Yeon-Wook jyw11@donga.com