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President Turns down the Resignation of the MDP’s Chairperson Kim Joong-Kwon

President Turns down the Resignation of the MDP’s Chairperson Kim Joong-Kwon

Posted June. 01, 2001 11:18,   


President Kim Dae-Jung, who concurrently holds the presidency of the Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) rejected the resignation of the MDP chairperson Kim Joong-Kwon Friday, saying that this was not the time for him to submit.

When the chairperson Kim expressed his intention to resign from the post to take the responsibility as the leader for the current upheaval in the party, according to Presidential spokesperson Park Joon-Young, President Kim told the MDP chairperson Kim that Kim should assume the leadership more strongly for the recovery of the economy and the completion of the reform.

Upon chairperson Kim’s briefing on the outcome of the workshop Thursday night, President Kim said that ``it is commendable that the party could proceed the workshop through democratic methods and rational debates.``

It was reported that President has said that he will listen to the opinions of the Supreme Council members, special advisory groups and party chapter heads. President will first convene the Supreme Council meeting, which will take place at Cheong Wa Dae on June 4, to discuss broadly on the reform of the government and the management of political situation.

President Kim also urged the chairperson Kim to manage the MDP responsibly so that it could play its role as a ruling party. President also said, ``The party should be operated under the leadership of the party chairperson.``

With regard to the former Justice Minister Ahn, President Kim said, ``In appointing Ahn, whom I had personally known for ten years, I took into consideration his personal integrity and his abilities as a human rights lawyer. But, I regret the unpleasant outcome.``

Chairperson Kim said, `` Through this crisis and the workshop, the MDP proved to be an active democratic party that can integrate various voices. The MDP will do its best to become united and revived by bringing together opinions of all members.``

Meanwhile, junior lawmakers, who requested the reform of the government-ruling party, responded to the decision made by President saying that ``since President needs time to think about the situation, we will wait and see for a while.``

Presidential secretary Han Gwang-Ok also attended the chairperson Kim’s meeting with President at Cheong Wa Dae.

Kim Chang-Hyuk chang@donga.com