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North Korea Hopes a Better Relationship with U.S.

Posted May. 24, 2001 08:39,   


The fact that North Korea included the contents about the `North Korea-U.S. Communal Agreement` and the `Geneva Agreement` in the report for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Regional Forum (ARF) indicates that they want to deliver their intent to the Bush administration which has nearly reached the completion of their policy making against the North Korea.

Especially, the fact that North Korea stressed the observance of the Communal Agreement that was made at the time of Clinton’s term, indicates that the North Korea wants to let Bush administration know their intention to reestablish a relationship with U.S. from the point of the Clinton time.

A government official said, ``North Korea wants to have a good relationship with U.S. and they want the world to know about that.``

This official also added, ``The reason why North Korea had blamed U.S. was to say, `Why didn’t you even try to listen to our story?’.``

North Korea’s attitude to continue Clinton’s policy for North Korea is compatible with that of South Korea.

Korean government has been insisting that they are against to the correction of the Geneva agreement and want for the U.S. to continue to engage in `meaningful` dialogues

of high officials between North Korea and U.S.

It is expected to see U.S.’ specific reaction against the two Koreas’ positions at the Trilateral Coordination and Oversight Group (TCOG) meeting of Korea, Japan, and U.S. which will be held on 25th and 26th in Honolulu, Hawaii.

U.S. plans to explain their final version of the new policy against North Korea to South Korea at the meeting.

A representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said, ``It is highly expected to see a different form of dialogues between U.S. and North Korea since Bush’ defense strategy, such as the construction of misslle defense system, is distinguished from that of Clinton administration’s.``

It means that, depending on how Bush administration approach the issues between U.S. and North Korea, such as nuclear power and missile, the time and method of dialogues between North Korea and U.S will be decided.

Boo Hyung-Kwon bookum90@donga.com