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Water Shortage in Nakdong River to be 7 Times of Han River’s after 5 Years.

Water Shortage in Nakdong River to be 7 Times of Han River’s after 5 Years.

Posted May. 24, 2001 08:47,   


As spring drought continues, an announcement said that the shortage of water in Nakdong River region would be as 7 times serious as than the shortage of Han River region.

It has been expected that if more dams are not constructed, the water quality of Nakdong River region would remain as current grade of 3 or 4, which does not qualify as drinkable water.

According to a `long term comprehensive water resource plan`(2001~2020) by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation (MCT), the water shortage of Nakdong River region has reached to 65 million tons. It is expected that the shortage will escalate to 129 million tons in 2006, 748 million tons in 2011, and 1 billion tons in the year of 2020.

In addition, the water shortage of other regions is (will be): 9 million tons (this year), 72 million tons (2006), 215 million tons (2011), and 256 million tons (2020) in Youngsan, Sumjin River region. In case of Keum River region, there would be surplus of 146 million tons and 121 million tons in this year and also for the year of 2006. But the shortage of 104 million tons in 2011 and 186 million tons in the year of 2020 is expected.

MCT said that Nakdong River region is the most serious in terms of amount and quality of waster supply, due to the water shortage of tributaries that downgrades the water quality to 3or 4 grade during the dry season.

The main stream of Nakdong River usually maintains a grade 2 during the normal season. The water quality of Paldang Dam, the original drinking water resource for Seoul metropolitan area, is grade 1 or 2.

Koo Ja-Ryong bonhong@donga.com