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Strolling, the Secret of Health

Posted May. 22, 2001 11:08,   


Mr. Cho, an elderly man, and Gumbi are celebrities who are not only employees of Hilton Hotel but are also recognized by the local residents. About ten foreigners who had stayed for long time at the Hotel took souvenir pictures with them.

``According to WHO (World Health Organization), Koreans ranked 97th in their physical strength, although people say that physical strength is the nation’s power…``

Cho who began bodybuilding from age of 26, who has never got caught even a cold, has a body which resembles that of a bodybuilder who is in their 20s. As a matter of fact, a physical test result taken a month ago in a physical strength center said that his body condition is that of ``20s`` The doctor who performed his physical was flabbergasted. Especially, his Body Mass Index (BMI) has been ascertained as 9.5, which is lower than those of professional athletes’ 13~15.

``People tend to follow products which is said to be good for their health. If a doctor on a TV program says vitamins are good, all vitamins sell out…. But, this is all in vain.``

Cho says that if one does proper exercise and has good diet, that itself is as good as vitamin and ``Sansam, Nokyong.``

``You don’t have time and place to exercise? That’s all excuses! You can gain a sufficient effect from a simple exercise that you can do from your room such as push ups.``

Cho will participate in the senior division of Mr. Korea Competition which will be held from 29th, June.

He is the oldest registered bodybuilder among about 1.500 registered bodybuilders.

Cho wakes up at 5:30 AM to prepare for the competition and takes a walk, and teaches 300 Daewoo Construction Co. workers health gymnastic exercises. He also does 4 to 5 hours of weight training.

``Why don’t you ask me what you really want to know? Should I guess? I don’t have problem with stamina two or three times a week. I think my wife is a very lucky woman. Don’t you think so?``

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