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GRID – Next Generation Internet

Posted May. 21, 2001 08:37,   


Next Generation Internet System (GRID) replacing World Wide Web will be developed.

Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) announced yesterday to pursue `National GRID basic plan` in order to upgrade the internet and connect the utility of internet into Super computer and large-capacity Database.

GRID is a new kind of Internet that enables high-speed calculation or mass data work by sharing metacomputers, large-capacity database, and high-technology tools on the internet.

It enables the use of remote Supercomputers and remote Database via on-line.

MIC set a project to establish GRID network and to support the development of middleware and three-dimensional searching technology by investing 43.5 billion won for five years from next year. This project was established according to the government`s plan for next generation internet, following the next generation internet development (2000) and the introduction of new domain system (Ipv6).