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Animation `Wonderful Days` Exported To Japan

Posted May. 20, 2001 08:59,   


``A good animation shames movies.``

An animation, which is produced by a domestic animation manufacturer, has showed this possibility.

The Tin House Ltd. recently made a copyright contract on `Wonderful Days` with Japanese company `At Mark.` The Tin House is to receive 2.5 million dollars as a minimum guarantee and both companies are to share expected profits by 50-50. This contract has better condition than The Joint Security Area JSA, sold by minimum guarantee of 2 million dollars and 50-50 share of the profit, made with a Japanese film distributor.

A subsidiary of the Prime Group which was listed to Jasdaq last February established a plan for 50 million dollar sales by playing `Wonderful Days,` and selling video tapes and DVDs.

`Wonderful Days` has been noted by its unique techniques, which utilized 2D, 3D graphics and miniatures. The animation is to open next January all over the nation.

They recorded the background scene by miniatures and overlapped characters, motorcycles, and weapons by 2D and 3D technology.

Director Kim Moon-Saeng said, ``We applied 2D technique for the motions and the appearances of the characters and 3D for more effective illustration and other accessories. And we made miniatures of the background scene and buildings to create more real 3 D effect.``

The narrative of this animation portrays a young man’s experience of the war and love who lives in Island Mir, which is deserted by extreme pollution in 22nd century. The company spent 10 million dollars for the production of this animation.

Hwang Kyeong-Sun, who had planned this project, said that the company held an exhibition for European distributors at Cannes Film Festival and is planning exhibitions for the US major distributors at June. He also added, ``If everything goes well, we could make a better contract in the U.S. than Japan``

Suh Jung-Bo suhchoi@donga.com