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``Relaxed Night with Music…``

Posted May. 20, 2001 08:59,   


``Mixed albums are considered `great work of art,` like a media program which has four steps, such as an introduction, development of theme, conversion, and conclusion. Instead of a `scrap record,` a collection of popular short compositions, I’d like to make a music album with which one can relax.``

Kim Hae-Sun, producer of KBS 1 FM, is a `producer who makes music record.` In the midst of her busy schedule, Kim created mixed albums that combined the classical music and crossover short compositions. Since 1998, she has produced music records called `Four Season Series.`

Kim displayed a new `opus.` It is entitled `Your Night and Music,` released by Shinnara Record Company. This is the same title of a KBS 1 FM 10 p.m. program.

The first track is also as same as the signal music of the program, which is Bill Douglass’ `Hymn.` Irish folk song `My love is like a red rose` and Andre Gagnon’s `Aria` croon the peaceful night.

``As I talked with the listeners of the program and read their letters, I came to realize that there was no music for people in their 30s. My heart went out for these people. I hope this new record becomes a starting point for music exploration,`` said Kim.

Kim also said that she often drove to ocean to catch the `flow` of music in her album. She smiled with confidence saying, ``I`d like to share the comfort and peace I felt that night with many people.``

Yoo Yoon-Jong gustav@donga.com