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Increase of Clinics’ Claim for Allowance

Posted May. 20, 2001 08:56,   


Assemblyman Kim Hong-Shin (GNP), member of National Assembly’s Health and Welfare Committee, announced yesterday that `the amount of the medical treatment fee claimed by 100 clinics, which ranked the highest in the amount claimed for the health insurance allowance last January and February, to the Health Insurance Corporations (HIC) increased 46 percent (37842.31 million won) of the same period last year (25918.83 million won).`

Kim also said, `Since the separation of hospitals and pharmacies, hospitals` medical treatment fee increased 16.4percent, whereas it increased 41.6percent in the clinics. The increase in the clinics’ allowance is the root cause of health insurance finance difficulties.`

He added that `for 10 clinics, which ranked the top ten in allowance claim, the claim fee increased 86.3percent (3400 million won) of the same period last year (1857.78 million won). Especially, the amount of allowance asked by `K` orthopedics in Chunju City, North Chulla, increased 194 percent (from 124.78 million won to 368 million won).`

According to Kim, `Y` dermatology clinic in Youngin, Kyunggi, which ranked the first in allowance claim, asked for 535.68 million won, which was 92percent increase of the last year. `K` ophthalmic clinic claimed 443 million won, which was 177percent increase of the last year.

Kim Hong-Shin said, ``A deficit of middle- and small-sized hospitals is increasing in comparison with the increase of income in the clinics. Medical policy as well as the national health insurance policy should be reformed to operate hospital-clinic management and medical expenses together for the purpose of lessening the disparity between them.``

Kim Jeong-Hun jnghn@donga.com