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Separation between MD and Negotiation with North Korea?

Posted May. 14, 2001 09:43,   


Lim Dong-Won, Ministry of Unification, announced yesterday that the government suggested Richard Armitage, U.S. deputy secretary of the state, a fourfold plan as a proposal for the solution of the North Korea-U.S. relation as well as the problem of the Korean Peninsula. The fourfold plan is; concurrent approach to Missile Defense (MD) plan and the North Korea - U.S. negotiation; mutual-complementary measures on South-North Korea as well as the North Korea – U.S. relationship; inclusive approach to North Korea; make use of North Korea’s will to improve relationship with the U.S.

Minister Lim said at the Millennium Democratic Party`s committee meeting, `The government decided for the fourfold proposal to the U.S. at the National Security Council committee meeting one day before Armitage’s visit to Korea.`

Lim persuaded Armitage by arguing that `The U.S. can work on both MD plan and the North Korea – U.S. negotiation simultaneously. If the North Korea – U.S. negotiation fails, the U.S. can use the opportunity as reason for carrying out MD plan. If the North Korea – U.S. negotiation succeeds, the U.S. can demonstrate its efforts to bring forth peace in East Asia.` Armitage responded positively to Lim’s argument, said Minister Lim.

Minister Lim also advised Armitage, U.S. deputy secretary of the state, saying `The U.S. has focused on the dialogue of security in regard to the North Korea – U.S. relation. For the fundamental solution of this relation, the U.S. should make an inclusive approach aiming at the treaty between North Korea and the U.S.`

By giving some examples, Minister Lim specially emphasized that North Korea has softened its attitude; North Korea’s first goal is to improve the North – U.S. relation; Kim Jong-Il, Chairman of North Korea’s National Defense Commission, allowed for the presence of U.S. armed forces in Korea after unification; North Korea delayed the missile test; after 6.15 Summit Talk, the basic frame of the South – North relation was set up.

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