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No Floor Level Restriction to the Cultural-Historic Site Buildings

No Floor Level Restriction to the Cultural-Historic Site Buildings

Posted May. 13, 2001 08:03,   


The floor level restriction, which was applied to the 17 roadside areas in the cultural-historic site, will be eliminated. Those 17 roadside areas were permitted to build the maximum size of four story-buildings due to the restriction. The floor level restriction will be also eliminated in the central area of the city in which only the minimum size of five story-buildings were permitted because it was designated as ‘fine district’.

Seoul city plans to designate 17 roadside areas, which are currently designated as cultural-historic site, as general fine districts. Once areas are designated as general fine districts, buildings with more than five floors can be constructed without restriction.

Seoul city will implement the new policy next month after consulting city council and reviewing the city plan.

The areas in which floor level restriction will be eliminated are the following: South Interchange Highway, Gasan Dong ~ Shiheung IC, Bangbae Subway ~ Youngdong telephone office, Bongchun 11 dong ~ Namhyun Dong, Sapeungro (Dongzak ~ Banpo IC), Bangbaero (Yisu Bridge ~ Bangbae Dong), Sadangro (Yisu Station ~ Bangbae Dong), Hyoreungro (Bangbae Subway ~ Seocho Dong Bangbang Intersection), etc. Newly adjusted ‘fine districts’ include Shinlimro (Bongchun 1 Dong ~ Shinlim 9 Dong), Ssangmoon Dong (Ssangmoon Dong ~ Changwon Elementary School), Banghakro (Banghak Dong ~ Chang Dong), Uyi Dong (Ssangmoon Dong area), etc.

Fine district is designated in the 12-45 meters from the roadside to the residential area following the roadside. If an area belongs to the cultural-historic site, buildings in that area can have maximum four stories. Along with this plan, Seoul city will adjust the floor restriction after considering the condition of each district. City’s readjustment plan is followed by a critique that floor restriction only speeds up overcrowding of the city because most of the type 3 ‘fine districts’, which are restricted to have minimum three story-buildings, are designated as the central city’s ‘fine districts,’ which are permitted to have minimum five story-buildings.

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