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Chan-Ho, Sponsored by Shoes Company

Posted May. 11, 2001 11:57,   


Park Chan-Ho can earn 0.26 billion won in a year only by wearing a shoes.

Park Chan-Ho (28, LA Dodgers) made a `shoes contract` of $200,000 per year with NIKE. This is an extraordinary contract considering you are only require to wear a running and baseball shoes.

Steve Kim explained about this contract that ``in order to concentrate only on baseball, Park did not make a detailed contract, but only `shoes contract`. He added that ``Park decided not to participate in NIKE`s commercial or events before he becomes a free agent next year.``

Park’s $200,000-contract can be evaluated as a exceptional case, since a `shoes contract` is signed under $20,000. This contract is seen as a part of NIKE`s strategy to hold on to Park, considering that Park will be a highly-paid free agent next year.

Last year, Park Chan-ho received from NIKE $200,000 for contracts of commercial and the use of sporting goods, $100,000 incentive (15 wins standard), and $17,500 of NIKE prize.

Zang Hwan-Soo zangpabo@donga.com