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Friendship on Yacht

Posted May. 02, 2001 11:03,   


On May 1, a day before the ``Korea-Japan Good-Will Yacht Race 2001`` (Dong-a Ilbo & Asahi Shimbun Joint), yachts from Korea and Japan are waiting to launch in Sooyoung Bay in the city of Pusan.

Having departed from the Port Izhara in Tsu Island, Japan, at 5 a.m. with six hour delayed schedule due to the storm warning, the twenty-four Japanese yachts safely sailed to the city of Pusan, in which the race will be held.

Sailing from the Port Izhara along with these Japanese yachts, one of three Russian yachts also arrived in the city of Pusan.

The Korean crew and the Russian crew completed the last check-ups of their racing yachts. Afterwards, the Korean crew discussed their final race strategy.

12 official entries from Japan, 4 official entries from Korea, and 3 unofficial entries from Russia will compete for the championship cup at the ``Dong-a Ilbo Pusan Yacht Race`` that will start on May 2 at 10 a.m.

The Race Organizer has decided to change its course due to the weather forecast, which expects a northeast wind. The course will begin from the Dong-Baek Island, flipping around the Oh-Ruk Island, and finally back to the Dong-Baek Island. Due to the change in course, the length of the course is expected to be 800 meters longer than the original.